A Christmas gift for that incredibly paranoid special someone in your life. Just make sure to avoid those thank you hugs:

The Anti-Rape Bra: Coming to a Campus Near You?

College females take note: You may have a powerful new weapon in your arsenal to use against attackers … or even just unwanted advances.

Introducing the Society Harnessing Equipment, or S.H.E., the brainchild of Manisha Mohan from SRM University in India. It’s a bra that can deliver a powerful electric shock to an assailant. Boston.com reports:

The shock isn’t enough to “immobilize” the assailant, but it will most definitely severely burn the attacker, and allow for the victim to make a defensive move. It also features embedded GPS technology that will simultaneously notify the victim’s emergency contacts and authorities of her location once the brassiere has been triggered.

Mohan says the device has an on-off switch so there is no danger of getting zapped if you just want to give someone a hug. Even if the S.H.E. is left on it is calibrated so that it will only respond to “extreme force.”

So, watch those bear hugs.