Former San Francisco State University accounting professor Mark Landis might have some trouble sorting the books on this one.

Rob Nagle of of the San Francisco Examiner reports:

Former SFSU professor charged with invading students’ privacy, filming in bathroom

A former professor for San Francisco State University is being accused of invasion of privacy over allegations that he secretly filmed students who were using the bathroom at his home.
Mark Landis, 38, of San Francisco was arrested Wednesday and charged with 15 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy, Assistant District Attorney Alex Bastian said.

Landis is no longer a member of the faculty, having resigned July 18, according to SFSU spokeswoman Adrianne Bee.

The former accounting professor is alleged to have invited over several current and former students from SFSU and the University of San Francisco, among others, for a party and secretly filmed them while they used the bathroom, Bastian said.

The investigation into Landis began last November, according to court records. Prior to the investigation, a student reportedly at Landis’ San Francisco home for a party went to use the bathroom. Once inside, he noticed a tissue box that seemed to have a flashing light coming from underneath it. He looked under the box and found a camera. The student reportedly took the memory card from the camera.