You would be hard pressed to find a man with a more impressive work history. Nicholas Persac of UT’s Know blog has listed some of the admiral’s accomplishments.

10 Things You Need to Know About UT System’s Next Chancellor

1) McRaven spearheaded the military raid that led to the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden …

Time magazine speculated, “if the Pulitzer Prize board establishes a new category — for killing the world’s most wanted terrorist — it’s a safe bet Bill McRaven will win it.”

Defense Secretary Robert Gates praised McRaven’s leadership, saying he’s “effectively [taken] the fight to America’s most dangerous and vicious enemies.” Politico published a lengthy profile on McRaven, dubbing him “The Last American Hero.”

2) … and he sometimes still goes into the field with his special-ops teams on raids

In 2011 the Washington Post reported that although McRaven is “a three-star* admiral, the muscular 55-year-old still sometimes accompanies his teams on snatch-and-grab missions.” The Post called McRaven “one of the most experienced terrorist hunters in the U.S. government,” but noted the leader “demands high standards” in every endeavor.

(*Editor’s note: McRaven is now a four-star admiral.)

3) McRaven is a powerhouse speaker who doles out unforgettable life advice

In May, McRaven delivered one of the year’s most popular commencement speeches (2 million YouTube views and counting) to The University of Texas at Austin’s Class of 2014. His 10 life lessons to change the world have been praised not only as spot-on advice for recent graduates to follow but also as words by which everyone should live.

Here’s the video of the admiral’s speech.

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