Yesterday we told you about an incident involving a Temple professor engaging in Anti-Semitic discourse.

Now a follow up report from Adam Kredo of The Washington Free Beacon.

Temple University on Defense Following Anti-Semitic Row

emple University is seeking to reassure donors and top officials after a member of its staff engaged in anti-Semitic rhetoric on a secret listserv and questioned the deaths of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.

Temple president Neil Theobald blasted out a message to university trustees over the weekend after the school came under fire for initially defending the controversial professor in comments made to the Washington Free Beacon.

Temple University adjunct professor Alessio Lerro originally came under fire from Jewish scholars after he and other professors were caught on a secret listserv engaging in highly inflammatory anti-Semitic discourse about a resolution by the Modern Language Association (MLA) to boycott Israel.

Lerro accused “Jewish scholars” of having “humungous influence” over the entirety of academia and said, “It is time that Zionists are asked to finally account for their support to the illegal occupation of Palestine since 1967,” according to one message left on the listserv.

A Temple University spokesman initially defended Lerro’s right to engage in such discourse when approached by the Washington Free Beacon last week.

“Temple University promotes open discussion and expression among its diverse community of scholars,” the spokesman said. “The exercise of academic freedom necessarily results in a vigorous exchange of ideas.”