If conservatives held up board appointments over the controversial statements made by liberals, no one would ever be appointed to anything. This is such a clear case of liberal double standards.

Carl Campanile of the New York Post reports.

Liberals hold up CUNY board appointment over Gaga ‘slut’ comment

Liberal legislators are holding up Gov. Cuomo’s nomination of an 83-year-old conservative to CUNY’s Board of Trustees because he once called Lady Gaga a “slut.’’

The possible appointment of James Molinaro, Staten Island’s former borough president, has enraged Democrats in the state Senate because of his controversial comments, including his jab at the pop star and his desire to slash funds for teen moms, sources told The Post.

Among those taking sides in the bizarre battle is Manhattan Sen. Liz Krueger, who fumes that Molinaro’s views are offensive to women and poor people, legislative sources told The Post.

“To me, she’s not an actress — she is a slut in the pure meaning of the word,” Molinaro said of the “Bad Romance’’ singer in 2012.

Molinaro criticized Gaga while launching a campaign aimed at getting teens to avoid drugs and booze.

He said Gaga — who has admitted to her use of marijuana and other drugs — is a bad role model.

The Conservative Party powerbroker’s views on cutting funding for unwed teen moms may be more problematic for progressives.

Molinaro last year complained that the lion’s share of costs for teen births in the city are paid by taxpayers via Medicaid and other programs.

“Now add to that free housing, welfare payments and food stamps, and you’re not only imposing a great cost to the taxpayers, but an incentive program for children to have children,” he said.