Administrators and athletes at one Tennessee university are getting a sinking feeling as they look at what’s happening at the football stadium!

Work crews at Austin Peay State University got an unpleasant surprise when a 40-foot sinkhole opened up in Governors Stadium, the team’s football field. Bill Persinger, Executive Director for Public Relations at Austin Peay, said that sinkholes are so commonplace that “they’re a main part of our campus now,” but added that the 40 feet deep by 40 feet wide sinkhole is still larger than what they’re used to.

Construction crews discovered the sinkhole while doing work on the stadium, when they first discovered the sinkhole, “it was 5 feet wide” according to Persinger. News 2 Nashville reports that there were no injuries or damage to the stadium and the sinkhole “won’t affect the timeline or opening of the new stadium.”

The World News video description offered these details as well:

“We actually put a line item in the budget for sinkhole remediation,” said Mike Jenkins, superintendent for Nashville-based Bell & Associates Construction. “You never know to what extent you’re going to run into them, but we know that Montgomery County, and Austin Peay State University specifically, is famous for sinkholes.”

Underground limestone caves create the area’s unique karst topography, and digging for installation of electrical wires or pipes can accelerate the flow of water that leads to the erosion of the rock.