There are plenty of people who can tell you climate change is already a fairy tale. Why does the University of Wisconsin need millions in tax dollars for this?

Samantha Reinis of Campus Reform reported.

University of Wisconsin given $5 million grant to create climate change fairytale

The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) has been granted almost $5 million of taxpayer dollars in order to create a website that depicts a utopian scenario in which Americans have acted on climate change by the year 2070.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded $4,911,961 to the university in order to advance understanding about the Yahara Watershed in Wisconsin. The project consists of envisioning hypothetical situations, “snapshots of how life in the region might look under differing conditions of change”, which will be run on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s website until March 2016.

The scenario, which reads like a fairy tale, was written by Jenny Seifert, the Science Writer/Outreach Coordinator for the project.

“Scenario thinking gives communities, such as the Yahara Watershed, the power to envision different pathways to prosperity and to protect human well-being for generations to come,” Seifert wrote in her blog.

In the scenario, youth bring about the “Great Transition” in the 2040s. This results in a community that shares economic resources and land. Those reluctant to share their private property ended up in a court battle, which resulted in a unanimous ruling to confiscate their land to create a nature preserve.