No one in the media has a left wing slant, they’re just trying to advance their careers or something.

Tom Johnson of News Busters reports.

Indiana Professor: ‘Professional Norms and Values’ Keep Liberal Reporters From Slanting The News

One of the Indiana University professors who recently found that almost four times as many journalists self-identify as Democrats than as Republicans doesn’t believe that that imbalance causes biased reporting.

IU’s Lars Willnat remarked to Salon magazine that “we don’t think that our findings reflect a ‘liberal media bias’…Journalists’ political preferences don’t usually translate into political bias in news coverage unless they are working for openly partisan news media. Their professional norms and values, as well as market pressures, prevent most of them from being biased politically.”

Salon’s Jim Newell, whose Wednesday piece relayed the comments from Willnat, went on to contend that journalists typically are biased — not in favor of liberalism or conservatism, but rather toward whatever they think will advance their careers (emphasis added):

What motivates political journalists in the so-called mainstream media — as in news organizations that seek neutrality and objectivity, for better or worse, as their mission — is very rarely a right- or left-wing agenda. It’s careerism. You know, impressing the boss and moving up the ranks!