Let me guess… This counts as diversity, right?

How much do you want to bet no one protests this event? Now if it were a pro-life demonstration on the other hand…

Debra Heine of Breitbart reports.

Harvard Student Club to Host Satanic Black Mass

A Harvard University student club is hosting a satanic black mass on May 12 to be staged by The Satanic Temple.

The Cultural Studies Club characterizes the event as a “reenactment” to be “performed” by The Satanic Temple, but reportedly, the group has obtained and will be using a Consecrated Eucharistic Host – making the event as real as it gets as far as the Catholic Church is concerned.

The Black Mass is “a magical ceremony and inversion or parody of the Catholic Mass that was indulged in ostensibly for the purpose of mocking God and worshipping the devil; a rite that was said to involve human sacrifice as well as obscenity and blasphemy of horrific proportions.”

According to their website, the Satanic Temple’s mission is “to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people.” How mocking the Catholic Church accomplishes that is anyone’s guess.

Campus Reform reports that the Cultural Studies Club at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education hosted a “History of Satanic Worship” with academics and practicing Satanists, last year.

A skeptical Elizabeth Scalia of Patheos, double-checked with Priya Dua, of The Satanic Temple’s Public Relations office for confirmation on the use of a Consecrated Host. Dua confirmed in an e-mail that “yes, they have obtained and will use a Consecrated Host during this ‘re-enactment”’

Questions remain on how the Host was obtained, and why they would use a Consecrated, as opposed to unconsecrated Host…


Clarification from The Satanic Temple: The Host will not be consecrated.