We  have noticed the lavish lifestyles of some University of California administrators.

So, too, have its students.  The system’s grad students have launched a multi-campus protest and students at UC – San Diego say that the platinum perks are one of the many reasons they are protesting.

Juan Carmona, a doctoral student of history told students throughout different classes, “they’re taking your money and it’s going to shit.”

There is truth in the words of Mr. Carmona. Over the course of the past decade, a certain culture of lavish living has been created in the upper-strata of the university administration — all at the taxpayer’s expense.

In an article published two months ago by the San Diego Reader, Steve Gamer was recently hired as Vice Chancellor at UCSD for a cool $455,792 in his first year, including a $3,000 dollar cash allowance per month for 90 days, a relocation allowance of $85,938, and a reimbursement for transportation while he looks for a house.

In a scandal that has recently come to light thanks to the Center for Investigative Reporting, UCLA has dished out $486,000 on 130 first class airfare tickets from 2008 to mid-2012 when it could have saved more than $234,000 if the school had bought economy tickets. One dean in particular, Judi Olian of the Anderson School of Management was able to rack up a tab of $647,000 on personal travel related expenses from 2008 to 2012.

According to the San Diego Reader, former UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox was allotted an annual housing allowance of $20,000 while the university planned to spend a whopping $10 million to restore the chancellor’s house. All of this after UCSD blew a nice $500,000 on a remodel that never happened.

In an article by the Daily Cal, it turns out that UC San Francisco decided to spend $241,800 dollars in 2010 on upgrading Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellmann’s home and office — upgrades that fitted her personal home with surveillance cameras, shatter-proof coated windows, and new fencing.

Meanwhile as of 2010, it was recorded that then UC president Mark Yudof cost the University of California $600,000 in a mere two years over various housing issues, including his damaging of hardwood floors and Venetian plastered walls.

Once again at UCLA, the university handed out a mere $500,000 in 2011 to then offensive coordinator Norm Chow while he coached at Utah after his time coaching at UCLA.

The sad thing is that all of this luxury (as always) comes at the cost of other’s misery. The University of California has become a case study in mismanagement and poor fiscal responsibility. This ridiculously unreasonable spending occurred while 4,200 people lost their jobs. Not to mention that undergraduate study costs soared up nearly 70 percent since 2008.