A sad display took place this weekend when drunken students from U. Minnesota rioted over a hockey game.

Jon Terbush of The Week reported.

University of Minnesota fans riot after hockey title loss, mess with reporter

The top-ranked University of Minnesota Golden Gophers’ thrilling run to the NCAA hockey championship ended Saturday with a loss to Union College. So inebriated and bummed, students back in Minnesota did what inebriated and bummed sports fans too often do: they rioted.

Hundreds of police in riot gear lined the streets earlier in the evening in case of potential unrest, though that didn’t stop fans from messing with cars, setting a few fires, and causing an indeterminate amount of property damage. Police arrested 19 people in the Dinkytown neighborhood Saturday night into Sunday morning — just two days after breaking up another mini-riot that broke out when the Gophers clinched a spot in the Frozen Four final.

Here’s a video report.