Perhaps the citizens of Hawaii should send in the team from Hawaii Five-0 to investigate what is happening at a community college in Hilo?

Hawaii Community College in Hilo has charged students about $245,000 in fees for the last year and a half for services that aren’t available on the campus, such as a radio station, newspaper and recreational facilities.

And three former student government leaders at the school who have complained about the situation were voted off the Student Council over the last year and a half, in what they claim was retaliation for asking questions about alleged financial mismanagement.

UH officials denied the students were removed for asking financial questions and said the funds are being “banked” until the school can start up new programs.

The student radio station and newspaper housed at UH Hilo were run jointly by students from that campus and from Hawaii Community College Hilo until January 2013, when the two schools separated their student organizations.

That means community college students no longer can participate in those UH Hilo campus media outlets, but they have continued paying a $19-a-semester publication fee ever since, totaling $167,979 in income over the last year and a half.

“Since the separation in 2013, we’re not getting all those benefits and services. So we want our money back,” said Marieta Carino, the former student activities treasurer.

Eric Aranug, HCC-Hilo’s former student government president complained, “They’re charging a fee that has no possibility of being used for the students this semester.”

Aranug and Carino were removed from their positions by a vote of the Student Council a few weeks ago after complaining to off-campus officials about what they claim is financial mismanagement at the school. They have met with Gov. Neil Abercrombie, state lawmakers and other officials to raise questions about allegations of bad management of student funds.

A UH spokesman said the two were not removed from student government for raising questions about student fees.

…Students at HCC-Hilo are also paying $5 a semester for a recreation fee, but no longer can go to UH Hilo’s large recreation center with a pool and gym. There are no recreational sports facilities on the community college campus.

The community college is continuing to collect a $7 campus center fee, even though there is no campus center at the campus, other than a room with two couches, a couple of tables and chairs, a TV, a video game, and some refreshments. UH Hilo has a multi-floor campus center that houses various student services.

Moats, the HCC-Hilo spokesman, said administrators were not available for an interview.