The University of South Carolina Upstate is hosting a production of “How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less.”

But….I thought that you were born that way? Progressive activists really need to learn to be more consistent.

The event is part of the school’s “Bodies of Knowledge 6 Symposium and Conference”. It appears the agenda will be focused on “on various ways of being LGBTQ, we are taking up the broad topic of LGBTQ cultural morés.”

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Here is a sample of those morés:

The event will kick off on Thursday afternoon with a performance by Leigh Hendrix of “How to be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less” and a talk by Thomas McBee on being “Trans, but Not Like You Think.” Friday will include lectures by Dr. David Halperin (author of “How to Be Gay” and co-founder of “GLQ: A Journal of Gay and Lesbian Studies”) and Dr. Bernadette Barton (author of “Pray the Gay Away: The Extraordinary Lives of Bible Belt Gays”).

Let’s take a look at Leigh Hendrix and her qualifications:

Leigh Hendrix is a theatre artist first introduced to performance, like many dramatically inclined girls and boys in South Carolina, through dance recitals and church musicals. Now based in Providence, RI, Leigh creates comedic and (sometimes too) personal solo performances and makes theatre as an actor, writer, and improviser with other artists of all shapes and sizes. Her solo performance piece How To Be A Lesbian in 10 Days or Less was developed at Emerson College and as a resident artist at Providence’s Perishable Theatre, receiving its regional premier at WAM Theatre’s O Solo Mama Mia Festival in the Berkshires. Leigh is also a founding member of the improv team The Trumans.

Leigh will perform “How To Be A Lesbian in 10 Days or Less,” a hilarious coming out story for queers and non-queers alike. Motivational speaker and expert lesbian Butchy McDyke deftly guides her captive audience in an exploration of self-discovery and first love, coming out, lesbian sex, queer politics, and a really important Reba McEntire song as they learn to confidently shout, “I’m a big ‘ol dyke!” Writer and performer Leigh Hendrix weaves a story that is one part instructional seminar, one part personal story, and one part wacky performance art. At turns funny and poignant, silly and earnest, How To Be A Lesbian in 10 Days or Less is the perfect guide to gay for budding lesbians, no matter their sexual orientation!

Here’s a sample of her work:

Good to know she is including “non-queers”! It would make this particular event more diverse than others offered at different campuses recently.