Administrators at Bryant University must be doing a fine job if this is the biggest problem the school has to deal with.

Cassie Fambro of reports.

University bans taking ‘selfies’ at graduation ceremony

A Rhode Island school has made an announcement that may stop many Instagrammers dead in their tracks– no selfies at graduation.

Bryant University doesn’t want students taking selfies while being awarded their diplomas, so they aren’t allowed, according to USA Today.

“This is a special day for students and family,” said Sheila Guay, Director of Conferences and Special Events for the Smithfield, R.I. school, in a statement. “Selfies would slow down the ceremony.”

Bryant’s president agrees, and noted that he would allow time for students to take selfies with him after the ceremony ends on May 17.

The end goal, according to officials, is to teach students that there is a time to connect and “understand that there are times to disconnect.”