YOLO is shorthand for you only live once. Someone obviously wanted those letters and took them from Loyola University’s sign as you’ll see in the image below.

Samantha Grossman of Time reported.

Someone Stole the Letters Spelling “YOLO” From Loyola University

You only live once. YOLO for short. It’s the motto Drake came up with in 2011 that, somehow, remains popular today.

Some Mardi Grad revelers apparently decided that taking this motto to heart — and making the most out of the one life you’ve been given — should involve a healthy dose of vandalism. The unidentified people apparently stopped by Loyola University and stole the large L-O-Y-O letters from the campus’s front lawn, local news outlet WDSU reports. The pranksters left behind the L and A, so clearly, they planned to rearrange the pilfered letters to spell out YOLO.

No further details are known, and officials say the school was simply a “victim of Mardi Gras.”

Here’s the scene of the crime.