Naturally. Because this is what the glory of the Olympics and sportsmanship are all about, right?

Alec Torres of National Review reports.

Class at University of Arizona Requires Participation in Condom Olympics

Are you a student who doesn’t like exams or papers? Well, if you attend the University of Arizona, take Professor William Simmons’ class on sexual health and AIDS, and instead of tests you’ll be required to plan the Condom Olympics.

Simmons tries to find ways to help students actively learn, writes the Daily Wildcat, a University of Arizona newspaper. So, for his first year teaching the sexual health and AIDS class in the department of gender and women’s studies, he chose to require students to plan the Condom Olympics for the university’s Sex Talk Week Resource Fair.

“Hopefully this will get students comfortable knowing what condoms are,” Simmons said,

Sex Talk Week also hosts a Sexual Health Resource fair where students can get free condoms, lube, and candy, as well as an event called “SECS and pizza” where students can come by to get free pizza and, again, free condoms.

Students will also be able to take pictures with “Mr. Condom,” a giant walking condom who will be present throughout the fair.