The student government at Old Dominion University has been caught spreading the wealth around. At the expense of the College Republicans, naturally.

Michael Sobey of The College Fix reports.

BIAS ALERT: Campus Leader Swipes GOP Student Funds, Pays For European Gay Festival Trip

NORFOLK – The student government at Old Dominion University recently voted to allocate $5,000 dollars to a student group to attend the International Dublin Gay Theater Festival, but the school’s College Republicans say some of that money is rightfully theirs, and they had planned on using it to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference next month.

The student government voted Feb. 18 to allocate the money to Starving Artists, a campus student production company that provides opportunities to participate in aspects of theater before graduation. According to a student senator who opposed that bill, Starving Artists requested the funding to travel to “The International Dublin Gay Theater Festival.”

Originally it was conveyed by the student government president at Old Dominion – a public, research university in Norfolk, Virginia – that Starving Artists was the only college invited. However it has now come to light that the campus troupe had applied to attend the event. What’s more, the finance director for the student government is president of Starving Artists and is slated to attend the gay theater festival in Dublin.

The $5,000 allocation ended up being $2,000 more than what a student government subcommittee had agreed to give the artists for their trip. And the troupe had already secured $7,000 dollars for the trip through the dean, department of Arts & Letters, their own group budget, as well as from other departments.

It all seemed like a typical, spirited student bill, which took a chunk out of the budget in the name of “equality” and “tolerance.”

However, a member of the university’s student government has told The College Fix that close to $800 dollars of funding was pulled from the College Republicans to fund the Dublin trip. The money in question was a carryover from the semester before, as it had not been used. In order to complete a carryover of funds at Old Dominion, an organization must request that leftover funding be transferred to the next semester or it’s lost.