The incidents happened at University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. A professor was using a pen camera to shoot “upskirt” and “downshirt” videos.

The Smoking Gun reports.

Pervy Professor Cops Plea In Voyeurism Case

FEBRUARY 18–The college professor who claimed that he secretly filmed under the clothing of two female students to determine whether they had improperly failed to wear undergarments to class has pleaded to a video voyeurism charge, records show.

Don Samuelson, 65, entered a no contest plea to a felony count and was sentenced last month to three years probation and ordered to pay a $672 fine.

Samuelson, a University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine professor, used a camera pen to surreptitiously film two students on four separate occasions last year, according to a police report.

After one of the victims realized that Samuelson had been videotaping her, she contacted cops (who later seized the camera pen during a search of his Gainesville office). The device contained “upskirt” and “downshirt” videos, as well as footage of “females working in Samuelson’s laboratory and/or meeting with him in his office,” police reported.

When investigators confronted Samuelson about his videos, the educator claimed that he was “attempting to gather proof” that one of the victims “was not wearing undergarments” in class, which he thought was “inappropriate.”

As for the clips revealing that he “directed the camera pen at students’ breasts,” Samuelson “acknowledged that this activity was ‘inappropriate,’” investigators added.