Franklin and Marshall College student Daniel Pellegrino has an early review of how New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio handling his new position.

The student, a New York City resident, is less than impressed.

When asked by his boss, Michael Scott, what the most inspirational thing that he had ever told him was, Dwight Schrute responded with, “Don’t be an idiot. It changed my life.” Truly an awesome piece of advice, and its relevance lies in its simplicity. Of course, people will always have differing views on what stupid is, but for me, as a history major, refusing to learn from past mistakes is the epitome of idiocy.

The new mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, is the poster child for such idiocy. De Blasio represents the cliched socialist and progressive that we have seen time and time again. He uses phrases such as ‘income inequality’ and ‘social justice’ as well as other bottomless and meaningless sayings to enrage the population against those who have been successful.

His supposed hatred for the wealthy, an ideal he based his campaign around, came into full view throughout the recent snowstorms along the northeast, which of course included New York City, the socialistic paradise I call home. The Upper East Side, considered by many to be the home of the wealthiest of New York, was almost completely ignored by the NYC government agencies that carry out snow plowing. This was an obvious example of punishing the well-off for the audacity they possess for being successful. Of course, de Blasio, would never take the blame for such an obvious socialistic move (blaming it instead on bad GPS signals), but he doesn’t need to. His policies and agenda speak for themselves.

The level of liberalism that de Blasio confidently expresses is, frankly, amazing. He has, as planned, announced a deal to drop former Mayor Bloomberg’s appeal of the court ruling that the NYPD overstepped its authority and appointed an independent inspector to oversee NYPD reform in the attempt to end the “era of stop-and-frisk,” as this policy is said to disrespect the “dignity and rights of young men of color.” Crime rates however, have been falling steadily since 1990. As the NYPD loses its ability to do its job, crime rates will reverse, and past accomplishments will be undone.

These eerie similarities between what has happened in Detroit and what is currently happening is NYC should not be taken lightly. ….Though I may hate my city’s government, I love my city. I’d really hate to see it become the next Detroit. New York’s leaders need to study history, as history grants us the opportunity to examine the mistakes of those who have come before us and simply learn when their actions were, indeed, mistakes. To ignore this great gift, as I said, is idiotic.