Alternate post title: Liberal students completely dishonor the memory and life work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Positively outrageous.

Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix reports.

At Dartmouth, Conservative Students Barred From Campus MLK Meeting

Two conservative Dartmouth College students who tried to attend campus activists’ strategy meeting on how to mark the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on campus were refused admittance after organizers determined the two young men were not registered Democrats.

Freshman Sandor Farkas, 18, one of the two rejected students, said he and his friend had planned to politely listen to the views of others in the name of “positive political discourse.”

“What I am really frustrated at is the fact that we can’t have reasonable discussions about these issues,” he said in an interview with The College Fix. “It has to be very private, secretive – and I don’t think that represents the spirit of MLK or in trying to create an awareness of various issues.”

Based on some talk around school, Farkas said he believes the student activists want to hold some sort of “Take Back MLK Day” protest.

Farkas said that when he and his friend, both of whom contribute to the conservative campus newspaper The Dartmouth Review, arrived at the meeting Tuesday, a female student met them at the door and asked what they wanted.

“We said we wanted to just listen in, and she said: ‘What are your political views?’ ” Farkas said. “We said we’re registered independents.”

After that she closed the door, and about five minutes later, came back and told the young men it was a private gathering and they could not sit in.

Farkas said the informal group that barred them includes campus radicals whose protests last spring over claims Dartmouth is a racist, homophobic campus eventually prompted administrators to cancel class for a day of dialogue.