“Independent. Active. Adventurous.”’

This is how Denver-based magazine 5280 described the state’s female citizens in its December article titled Colorado Women.

The article also listed only liberal Democrat examples, and University of Colorado – Boulder student Aslinn Scott rightly objects.

….In presenting the history and the women in the article, one label that the magazine implied is that Colorado women, in addition to being “independent, active and adventurous” are also all “liberal.”

That’s where I draw the line.

5280 (a nod to Denver’s elevation of 5,280 feet) in its list of accomplishments among Colorado women praised the anti-gun legislation pushed by Democrat representatives in the state.

However, when did infringing on a woman’s right to self defense become something worth praising?

What’s more, our strong Colorado Republican women weren’t even mentioned for their efforts in bringing up this point. As Western Regional Vice Chair for the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) and Chairwoman of the Colorado Federation of College Republicans, I had a front row seat to see many women leaders in this state fight for their Second Amendment rights this year.

I work with young Colorado women all the time who are conservative, libertarian, Republican – and just plain tired of being pigeonholed, in Colorado or across the nation. But that gets ignored, swept under the rug. Women aren’t supposed to be conservative, you see. And those who are get mocked, a la Sarah Palin. (So much for women treated equally.)

The article mentioned that the main two female representatives who pushed the anti-gun legislation received death and rape threats, demonstrating the difficulty women have serving in public office. I am completely appalled and condemn those who sent such threats to Rep. Rhonda Fields and Sen. Evie Hudak.

Yet, it’s wrong for the magazine to praise these women without telling the whole story, such as when state Sen. Hudak deprecated rape victims who testified against these bills last session.

Hudak was the one who infamously told a rape victim she didn’t need a gun to prevent rape.

…As a Western woman, and a native Colorado woman, I pride myself on being independent, active, adventurous, and a feminist on the Right.

I may be in a man’s world, but I certainly don’t have to accept that narrative. It’s time that women stood up and demand to lift the liberal brand off by the media rather than continue to be subjected to it. 5280 did a disservice to all of its readers, not the least of which its female ones.

We deserve more than a liberal label.

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