Young men are now being hauled in front of campus courts, losing due process rights and being punished based on questionable testimony in alleged sex assault cases.

However, social media may come to the rescue…and one mom offers some savvy advice to her son.

Journalist and mother, Roxanne Jones, recently appeared on CNN to explain why she advises her son to get a text message from a woman before and after having sex in order to verify his partner’s consent.

“Maybe you should get a text message when you’re about to have sex,” Jones told CNN. “I know it sounds crazy, but I talk to my son as a real man, as a young man, as a responsible young man.”

Jones gives a couple of examples of consent-verifying texts, including, “Let’s hook up,” or “Bring your condoms.”

“I also suggested he send a text after [sex],” Jones says.

Jones says she considers it her job to advise and protect her son, and to safeguard against potential rape claims, particularly when one or both individuals have been drinking alcohol.

“We are not in the room. We are not wherever the sex happens,” Jones adds. “And it’s left up to us to guess, to be horrified, to fill in the blanks. The women can’t remember because they are drunk out of their minds. They can’t remember and they can’t say no.”