Given the atmosphere on some college campuses today, Catholics have bigger things to worry about than donations from the Kochs.

Michael Patrick Leahy of Breitbart reports.

Leftist Catholics Wary of Koch $1M Donation to Catholic University

On Friday, a group of left-wing Catholic academics bashed the Tea Party in a letter to John Garvey, President of Catholic University. They objected to the school’s recent acceptance of a $1 million donation from the Charles Koch Foundation to help fund a new school of business.

In the December 13 letter, the 49 signators, including Reverend Stephen A. Privett, the Jesuit President of the University of San Francisco, as well as several faculty members at Catholic University, Boston College, Notre Dame, and Holy Cross, complained that Koch’s Tea Party ideology conflicted with Pope Francis’s November 24 apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium.

“While we understand the challenges of starting a business school during a time of fiscal constraints and restrained philanthropic and government funding,” they wrote, “we must raise our serious concerns about a recent $1 million gift the university has accepted from the Charles Koch Foundation.” The signators claimed that “Charles and David Koch have an ideological agenda when it comes to shaping the national debate over economics and politics that is not simply academic in nature.”

The main complaint of the signators is that “[t]he Koch brothers are billionaire industrialists who fund organizations that advance public policies that directly contradict Catholic teaching on a range of moral issues from economic justice to environmental stewardship.”

The letter’s authors singled out the Tea Party for particular criticism. “We are concerned that by accepting such a donation,” they stated, “you send a confusing message to Catholic students and other faithful Catholics that the Koch brothers’ anti-government, Tea Party ideology has the blessing of a university sanctioned by Catholic bishops.”