Here’s the latest obnoxious stunt from the college BDS movement we’ve all come to know so well.

Alicia Adamczyk of The Michigan Daily reported.

‘Evictions’ in residence halls cause stir on campus

Students in six residence halls across campus woke up to eviction notices Tuesday morning.

The notices, which were satirical, were distributed by Students Allied for Freedom and Equality — a student organization that promotes human rights, social justice, self-determination and liberty for the Palestinian people — and other student activists to raise awareness and demand that the University divest from companies that support Israel and subsequently its eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem.

Some of the companies include Caterpillar, Inc, Northrup Grumman, Corp. and Hewlett-Packard.

The group passed out fliers in North Quad, West Quad, East Quad, Mary Markley, Helen Newberry and Betsy Barbour residence halls in the early hours of the morning, as well as in Mason Hall during the day.

SAFE’s Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions committee conceptualized the notices. Members of SAFE said they sought to highlight the “illegal eviction” of Palestinians and subsequent demolition of their homes. They said action is particularly crucial because the evictions are part of larger, systematic discriminatory acts against Palestinians that should be condemned by the United States, as well as the University.

Michigan Hillel sent a letter to students following the incident…

Dear Parents, Alumni and other friends of Michigan Hillel,

If you have not already heard, it saddens me to share that students in residence halls woke up on the morning of December 10 to fake “eviction notices” under their doors with the heading “Dept of Housing.” The fake eviction notices were intended to send a message about Palestinian evictions. This campaign runs counter to the values of community and civil discourse that we pride ourselves upon at the University of Michigan. Instead it attempts to intimidate students in their homes.

Our concern is the same as the University’s: our students’ safety and their ability to be students free from intimidation. We have been in constant contact with the University’s administration regarding their response (see below) and their handling of this matter in multiple facets of the University system.

And we are here for your students:

– Students were invited to Hillel the night of December 10 to come together as a community, and to share how they felt about the events of the day. After presentations by me and student leaders, trained facilitators led students in smaller discussion groups. University professionals from counseling services were in attendance in case any students wanted to share their feelings with them or seek them out for a follow-up conversation.

– Students were in Mason Hall wearing pro-Israel shirts to identify themselves, promoting the discussion at Hillel, and encouraging students to share their complaints with the University through the Expect Respect website.

– Student leaders attended the Central Student Government meeting to bring their concerns forward.

– Students are presently working on articles to be published in the Michigan Daily to send a strong, public message to students on campus exposed to the flyers.

Informal conversations are happening at Hillel, around campus, and through social media that allow students to express how they feel, and to put forward their pro-Israel perspectives. Our Israel Cohort is actively planning diverse pro-Israel events for the beginning of next semester.