The University of New Hampshire recently hosted a program entitled “Orchestrating Orgasms”.

Needless to say, it was done in the name of student health.

Student reporter Ken Johnson offers these details:

Sexologist Megan Andelloux opened her presentation on Thursday night with a YouTube video of a tortoise having an orgasm, much to the enjoyment of the 500 people packed into the Granite State Room. From there, she continued to educate and entertain attendees of “Orchestrating Orgasms” about the merits and science behind sexuality and sexual pleasure.

Orchestrating Orgasms, featuring Andelloux, was a lecture/workshop that covered the biological, sociological and psychological aspects of orgasms . The event was hosted by the Memorial Union Student Organization (MUSO) and was part of the women’s studies program’s Sextober series. Students, faculty and members of the community alike attended the lecture and workshop given by the woman known as the “Princess of Pleasure” and “The Sex-Ed Warrior Queen.”

Thankfully, according to Taylor Barclay, arts and lecture director for MUSO, no one was turned away. Barclay checked the fire codes for the room and researched how to accommodate the hundreds who poured into the room.

Andelloux is a certified clinical sexologist and educator who holds lectures and workshops across the United States on various sexual issues. …

According to Andelloux, sexuality is an important aspect of our health, and she is trying to start a conversation about sex. Her goal is to have people leaving the event feeling more comfortable with their bodies and being safer in their sexual experiences.

Andelloux does 40 to 45 lectures on college campuses each year.

The Orchestrating Orgasms event started with the comical video of two turtles having sex, before getting into the topics of what orgasms are, how to have them, what prevents orgasms, myth busting and then a wrap-up of everything.

During the course of the event, there was a clitoris demonstration with a vulva puppet, information on safe toy use, and a Kegel exercise audience participation event, among many other themes. People who participated received vibrators, restraint systems, butt-plugs and other assorted sexual toys.

However, there were some naysayers who didn’t think it was an appropriate use of student fees:

Conservative advocacy groups such as Cornerstone Action and Americans for Prosperity N.H. expressed dissatisfaction that Megan Andelloux’s presentation was being funded by UNH’s student activity fee, which comes out of each student’s required college expenses.