Well as long as it’s eco-friendly, of course that changes everything.

Jeffrey Meyer of CNS News reports.

Eco-Friendly Sex Shop to be Featured at University of Maryland’s ‘Sex Week’

During the week of October 15, the University of Maryland is hosting what it calls “Sex Week: education, communication, exploration” on its College Park campus. The event features a local D.C. sex shop called “The Garden” whose mission according to its website is “commitment to body safe and eco-friendly products.”

The Garden promotes itself as a “sexuality resource center and toy shop where you will find a body positive, sex positive and shame free environment in which to grow your sexual knowledge and increase your pleasure” and is now bringing its environment to the campus of taxpayer-funded University of Maryland.

According to the UMD University Health Center website, the weeklong event includes 20 different activities including “Asking for it: Finding your words for better, sexier communication in the bedroom” and “Bedsider Birth Control 101 Interactive Workshop.”

The Garden is hosting the most unique and likely the most disgusting workshop of the week, one entitled “Toy Talk for Grown Folks: Why you should Care what you Buy.”

Jessica VonDyke, a “poly, queer femme whose mission in life is to help folks have better sex and is an advocate for gender inclusiveness, sexy safer sex and queer positive spaces in everything that she does” will make a presentation about sex toys to 18 year-old boys and girls.

During the panel, college students will be taught how to identify the quality and safety of certain sex toys, how to know what sex toy to buy, and ho over lubes, condoms, accessories and “fetish gear.”