Well there’s nothing creepy about this story. How would you like to have the Council on American-Islamic Relations following you around?

Eric Owens of The Daily Caller reports.

CAIR now ‘stalking’ professor it doesn’t like, trespassing in his class

On top of its epic struggle to understand the First Amendment, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has now shown that it apparently doesn’t understand elementary trespassing law.

On October 1, Samantha L. Bowden, CAIR’s communication and outreach director in Florida, drove about 80 miles from Tampa, Fla. to Orlando, Fla. to “stalk” University of Central Florida (UCF) professor Jonathan Matusitz by impermissibly sitting in one of his scheduled classes, according to the website Family Security Matters.

“As I started teaching my class, I noticed that a female stranger was sitting at the back of the classroom. That person never asked me if she could enter my class and sit in the back of the classroom,” Matusitz explained, apparently in a police report.

“When I approached her, that person introduced herself as Samantha. Because Samantha is not one of my students, I asked her to leave. In the beginning, she was insisting to stay in my class. I had to ask her a few times before she finally left.”

Matusitz said he realized that Bowden works for CAIR not long after she finally left.

“She is based in Tampa,” the professor added. “She is not a UCF student and never was a UCF student.”

A profile by SaintPetersBlog notes that Bowden is a registered Democrat who spent time volunteering with Rock the Vote and was a “prominent Occupy activist.” She majored in international affairs and geography at the University of South Florida. One day, she hopes to visit the Middle East.