At a time when students are struggling to finance college, one has to question the wisdom of using student fees to pay to teach students something they probably already know.

College INsurrection #06

A sex lecturer paid for by required student activities fees at a public university will teach college kids masturbation techniques and give away sex toys at a Monday evening event.

Former Planned Parenthood employee Megan Andelloux will be speaking at the State University of New York at Oswego on October 7. Her lecture, “Getting a Grip: Mastering Your Sexuality,” is featured on the university’s website and also on Andelloux’s site.

Students at Oswego will learn “masturbation techniques” and also “what other people are secretly into” during the two-hour forum, according to the lecture’s description.

…Students at a University of New Hampshire lecture by Andelloux last week were treated to sex toy giveaways. Those who attend the Monday night lecture at Oswego will also get freebies.Andrew Metz, the vice president of Oswego’s College Republican group, said he doesn’t necessarily have a problem with a student group hiring whomever they want on campus. However, Metz said funding for certain liberal groups on campus far outweighs the conservative groups, resulting in more liberal speakers such as Andelloux.

“We have a lot more of those speakers than conservative speakers,” said Metz. “I just want equality. … I just would like to see more variety.”

He said funding to student groups is based on membership and liberal groups on campus have far more members than conservative organizations.

Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, questioned the educational value of Andelloux’s presentation.

“I question whether it shouldn’t simply be classified as pornography rather than education,” Sprigg said. “If this had a legitimate educational function, you might expect it to take place in a psychology class or a physiology class. I would think that student activity fees usually pay for things like concerts—entertainment events. In fact, I suspect that’s what this really was.”

“Both taxpayers and other students who find this offensive have good reason to complain about their money being used this,” Sprigg said. “If such an event is going to happen at all, let those who want to attend pay for it by charging admission.”