This principal apparently thought he was making some sort of educational point. I’m beginning to think we need to bring back the dunce cap but not for the students.

Alec Torres of National Review has the story.

Neb. Principal Stops Pledge of Allegiance to Remind Kids of Gov’t Shutdown

Last week, Principal Pat Jones, worried that by the fact that some of his students didn’t know the federal government had been shut down, announced that his school, Alliance High School in Nebraska, would refrain from reciting the pledge as they did each morning, to remind them of the problems in Washington.

According to the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan, Jones declined to comment and referred queries to the district’s superintendent, who said he’d only heard about it after receiving unhappy calls from parents. But the superintendent defended the idea, telling KOTA News, “It is kind of sad, because when you talk to our kids, they don’t understand the shutdown at all, some maybe not even knowing it existed. So it has opened up some great communication lines and it has actually had some positive outcomes.”

Despite his “positive” take on the stunt, Unzicker said that they will not skip the Pledge in the future. They only went without the recitation for a day; one woman said her son protested by standing to recite the Pledge anyway.