In the academic bubble, it’s almost like Barack Obama was never elected.


Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix reports.

Universities Nationwide Champion Trayvon Martin, Claim Racism Still Exists

Universities have gone gaga for Trayvon Martin, heralding the young man’s death as an iconic symbol of a racist, unfair America, according to a long and growing list of events hosted on college campuses across America since mid-August.

The fall semester has barely just begun, and panel after panel after panel of scholars at institutions across the nation have been convened to critique what organizers contend are this country’s inherent and stronger-than-ever racist tendencies among white people and its alleged broken and biased legal system.

In Chicago in mid-August, for example, “queer and feminist professors” gathered to talk Trayvon.

At the event, Professor Erica Meiners from Northeastern Illinois University expounded on her theory that the “web of interconnected histories and contexts that made it possible for George Zimmerman to shoot Trayvon Martin and walk away cannot be separated from white supremacy, colonialism, heteromasculinity, and capitalism.”

Soon after, the University of Oklahoma on Aug. 29 hosted a panel dubbed simply “After Trayvon.” It kicked off with a spoken word presentation called “I Am That Ni**er,” performed by a student.

Topics broached by professors on the seven-member panel included “Who was on Trial? Martin or Zimmerman?” “Wanted Dead or Alive? The Perilous World of Black Boys and Men,” and “Implicit Bias and Micro-Aggressions,” among other subjects.

About a week later, over at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, another Trayvon Martin panel took place. This one included an attorney, Lewis Unglesby, who told the crowd: “I remember hearing someone say ‘This case is not about race and not about guns.’ … Well hell yes it is, it’s only about those two things. What else is it about? Children and lollipops and Skittles?”