Those who despair of electing sensible politicians in Massachusetts may have a reason for hope.

The Daily Caller’s Charles C. Johnson has a story on a candidate for the state’s 5th district that is a Harvard professor who is conservative. And while there is much disagreement on his stance about global warming, his thoughts about the associated “hysterics” has a great of merit.

Dr. Mike Stopa is a Harvard physicist who says that there is a great deal of “hysteria” surrounding global warming. He’s also a conservative Republican running to take the seat Democratic Sen. Ed Markey has vacated in Massachusetts’ fifth congressional district.

In a YouTube video produced by his campaign, Stopa highlights the economics, science, and politics surrounding global warming and ends by showing the vacant lots of two green companies that have since gone bankrupt after profiting off of renewable energy subsidies.

Stopa — who is director of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Computation Project and a nationally recognized expert on nanoscale electronics and computation — predicts a change in climate science in the near future.

…Stopa is especially critical of international organizations that are calling for more regulations of greenhouse gases.

“The IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change), in releasing their Fifth Assessment Report, are struggling to maintain a sense of urgency about climate change that is belied by: a pause of fifteen years in global warming, a failure (until now) to correctly incorporate important natural climate driving effects such as solar forcing and ocean current, and a continued inability to fully incorporate the effects of cloud formation in their models,” Stopa told TheDC.

Stopa’s campaign website is HERE, for those wishing to learn more or to donate.