A transgendered student at Florence High School in Colorado was recently accused of harassing girls in the female designated bathroom.

Alec Torres of National Review covered the story on Tuesday, see his initial report here.

Yesterday, Torres provided an update with more information.

Updating the Story on the Transgender Student in Colorado

I wrote yesterday about a transgender student at Florence High School, Colo., who allegedly harrassed girls in a women’s restroom. Because of controversy regarding the story, the post now includes the following addendum:

Some news outlets have been reporting that this story is false, prompting multiple retractions and larger controversy. I contacted the Pacific Justice Institute, which represents two concerned families in the case, and was unable to reach Rhonda Vendetti, Florence High School’s superintendent, who will be out of the office for the rest of the week. However, Vendetti previously talked to Cristan Williams of the Transadvocate on the subject, responding to many of the ambiguities in question.

In sum, there is a transgender male student who has been using women’s restrooms at the school. Allegations of sexual harassment have been both made and disputed, and each side has factual disagreements regarding the case. The Pacific Justice Institute stands by its accusations, including that its clients’ privacy rights have been violated, that its clients were directed to forgo access to many locker rooms and restrooms at the school in order to protect their privacy rights, and that its clients have been threatened with retaliation and possible hate-crime charges if they speak out.

Matthew McReynolds, staff attorney for the Pacific Justice Institute, told me that “the core issue is that this school is giving this transgender youth full access to both boys’ and girls’ facilities, and they are showing little if any regard for the privacy rights of other students. . . . We have received additional reports of specific, inappropriate statements made by this student, and we are working to corroborate those reports.”

“We’re standing by our allegations that our student clients have been threatened with retaliation by school officials for talking about this, including [the threat of] being kicked off athletic teams,” he said. ”[School officials] have also thrown around the notion that hate crimes could be charged against students just for talking about this.”