It seems the fun, new trend on college campuses is to create sex-oriented events based on concerns about “student health”.

Recently, Hamilton College hosted a workshop on female orgasms. The University of South Carolina just held a “Porn and Pizza” party.

Now Cornell is holding a fashion show feature Condom Couture.

Cornell’s student reporter Emma Ianni offers more details on the event:

Models parading down a runway at Cornell December to help raise money for AIDS Awareness Week will be wearing something unusual: condoms.

Student organizers say they will use more than a thousand condoms to dress the models in the show. Similar events have been held at other schools, including Harvard University, where a “condom” fashion show was organized last spring to help raise awareness about AIDS.

“Who doesn’t like a fashion show? It is really appealing, and the impact on the people is going to be great,” said Juliana Batista ’16, who is S.A. vice president for outreach and one of the organizers of the event.

Sean Page ’14, co-chair of AIDS week, said he thinks the fashion show will help educate a wider swath of students than a more conventional event.

“Events such as this fashion show and traditional sex education are both effective, but they target different demographics of people. I think that the fashion show would target people who are really into fashion or people that just want to do something fun on a Friday night, as opposed to more serious event — for example, our speaker series — that would more effectively target people who either have someone who was affected by AIDS or who are really just interested in AIDS,” he said. “We are trying to organize a lot of different events that attract a lot of different students.”

….Caroline Donelan ’16, a fiber science and apparel design major and a designer for the show, said it is difficult trying to find the best way to attach all the condoms together while sticking to a desired design.“Things usually don’t turn out as you first expect them to, but I hope to stay true to my design, whatever it may be. I’m thinking I want to put a lot of structure in my garment, but this will definitely be a challenge too because condoms are not a very stiff material,” she said. “This project requires a lot of trial and error to finalize your construction technique and final process.”