The student was apparently trying to get into character when he spit on one of the arresting officers.

Dan Wickline of Bleeding Cool has the scoop.

College Student Arrested And Charged With Felonies For Wearing Joker Make-Up To Class

Triblive News is reporting that a 21-year old Carlow University student was arrested, spent 4 days in jail and charged with 8 counts (2 being felony charges) all stemming from his wearing the Heath Ledger style Joker make-up to class.

Christian Smith was planning on attending the Pittsburgh Comicon after class that day. Campus police responded to numerous calls about Smith’s make-up and pulled him out of class. After talking with the student, he was allowed to return to class only to be approached a second time by officers who told him to remove the make-up. According to reports he spit on an officer as he was being escorted out of class and may have assaulted another officer as he was being removed from a squad car.

Carlow Officials released this statement: “Carlow University is confident in the actions of university police in protecting the rights and privileges of the student involved and ensuring the safety of its students and the campus community. In order to protect the privacy of the student, we cannot comment further regarding internal actions taken.

Carlow is just completely overreacting to this,” said attorney Phillip DiLucente, who represents Smith. “We’re hoping this case doesn’t go any further in the court system, from either side.”