College Insurrection recently featured an introduction by Jonathan Taylor, the founder of “A Voice for Male Students”.

I had a chance to interview Jonathan on Canto Talk, along with Silvio Canto Jr (click here for the podcast). Jonathan was able to share some aspects of his website’s mission, including the desire to raise awareness of the structural and cultural inequities men and boys – and in particular male students – face at all levels in our education system, and to promote advocacy and activism in behalf of male students.

College Insurrection #08 AVFMS

We reviewed a number of incidents where either the due process rights or free speech rights of young college men were violated. Jonathan noted that one of the a hot topic among men’s issues groups has been centered around events at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. When several speakers came to the university to speak on men’s issues (including former radical feminist Dr. Janice Fiamengo), feminist groups attempted to shut down the event by forming a human barricade in front of the doors, pulling fire alarms, and creating so much noise that the speakers could not be heard. Instead of punishing these students, the university decided to fine the men’s group with a $1,000 “security fee.”

Jonathan prepared a video that shows clips about how the “women’s rights” groups behaved during the public events sponsored by the University of Toronto’s Men’s Issues Awareness Society. It is a devastating look at the nasty and disgraceful tactics used by groups who supposedly promote “rights” and “diversity”.

It was a very informative evening, and we look forward to sharing more of Jonathan’s work in the future.