Just yesterday, we brought you an update about the College Republicans at UNC who were struggling for funding to bring two conservative women to speak on campus.

Using social media, they crowd-sourced to raise money.

Fight Censorship & Intolerance on Campus

Censorship Is Unacceptable

The UNC Student Congress slashed the College Republicans’ budget to bring two talented speakers to Chapel Hill: Katie Pavlich and Ann McElhinney.

The Congress said the women were “non-intellectual” with “no value.” According to one student representative, “We’re cutting what we believe to be the cost of a speaker that may not actually be beneficial to the university.”

It’s clear why the rep thinks the speakers won’t be “beneficial”: The speakers will bring a conservative point of view to the college.

No matter how the Congress dresses it up, this is blatant censorship of differing opinions. It’s undeniable intolerance.

Shouldn’t students hear diverse opinions in college?
Is it right to censor speech because you disagree with it?
Is this what they’re teaching in universities?

The actions of the UNC Student Congress are reprehensible. They should be ashamed.

Both Katie and Ann are accomplished professionals who want to speak at UNC Chapel Hill. And with your help they still can!

UNC Students Need Your Help

We’re raising money to cover the costs so Katie and Ann can bring their voices to a campus desperately in need of opinions that challenge the educational establishment. Katie and Ann will be speak on the same day to celebrate free speech and diversity of opinion.

Your donation will send a direct message to those who would censor conservative voices: We will not be silenced!

Their efforts were a total success and they’ve already raised more money than they needed.