You have to marvel at the audacity of whoever placed the ad. What they’re basically saying is cook for us and rather than paying you, we’ll allow you to have sex with us.

I’m sure women are just lining up for the opportunity.

The College Fix reports.

Frat Boys Reportedly Seek House ‘MILF’

Some frat boys from the University of Vermont have allegedly sought a House “MILF” – saying in a Craigslist ad they would sexually pleasure her if she cooked for them, Huffington Post reports.

“We are a house of 10 men who are all seniors at UVM and are looking for an older attractive woman to come and cook for us every few days,” according to the ad. “In exchange she gets her pick of the men of the house to have.”

“Requirements aren’t lengthy,” the ad continues. “Be a woman older than 25 who can cook and would enjoy some hot sex with a number of fit 20 somethings. … Put ‘house MILF’ in subject line so I know who’s real.”

It’s clear these guys didn’t think things through – police are investigating the posting on suspicion of solicitation.

The article notes UVM spokesman Enrique Corredera “thinks it’s possible that the post could have originated outside the student body.”

“Since Craiglist does not release the names of individuals posting ads, we do not yet know for a fact that this ill-advised and offensive post originated with a University of Vermont student or students,” Corredera told the Burlington Free Press.