This isn’t perfect but it’s a step in the right direction. Kudos to the University of Colorado.

Brittany Anas of the Daily Camera reports.

CU adds political affiliation, gender identity to nondiscrimination policy

In a kumbaya moment Tuesday, the University of Colorado Board of Regents voted 8-0 to approve a resolution that expands the school’s nondiscrimination policy to include political affiliation as well as gender identity.

“Sometimes we hear the Board of Regents is partisan or divided,” said Board Chairman Michael Carrigan, a Denver Democrat. “This is a good example of how we break that mold. We work together and ask the tough questions and come together in consensus.”

He said from the outside, people might ask why the Democrats care about potential discrimination against conservatives or why Republicans are taking up gender identity issues.

“This vote says a lot about who we are,” Carrigan said.

The nine-member board passed the resolutions without any dissent. Republican Regent Steve Bosley was absent from the meeting because he was dealing with flood damage.

Regent Sue Sharkey and Jim Geddes spearheaded a pair of political diversity initiatives that were born out of concerns that there is a pervasive liberal bias at CU, especially on the Boulder campus.

In June, the Board of Regents approved a resolution that calls for a climate study to help determine whether CU respects political diversity. The independent contractor hired to do the survey will take bids from nonpartisan groups, and the study will also evaluate other forms of diversity, such as race, gender and sexual orientation.