University of North Carolina Wilmington Professor Mike Adams has written a new piece for Townhall which criticizes a campus diversity committee for its apparent lack of diversity.

Inclusion Means Excluding White Males

Dear Chancellor Miller:

On May 9, you announced that you were initiating a process to “rethink” our university’s approach to diversity and inclusion. Then, on August 16, you announced that eleven individuals agreed to serve on your Chancellor’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. For the following reasons, I find the composition of the committee to be deeply problematic.

1. Your inclusion committee is 0% white male. I have written three books dealing with campus diversity issues. I have been invited to speak on issues of diversity (largely ideological) at 78 college campuses. Over the last ten years, I have written nearly 900 columns, the majority of which have dealt with diversity issues. I am certainly among the most qualified people you could have invited to serve on your diversity committee. But you did not reach out to me. There is but one explanation for this. You have deliberately excluded white males from your discussions of inclusion. If there is a non-racist or non-sexist explanation for the fact that your committee is 0% white male, I’d like to hear it.

2. Your inclusion committee is 82% female. Over a decade ago, our school launched, at taxpayer expense, a new Women’s Resource Center. It was strange, given that the student body was then 68% female. Put simply, we need to stop pretending that women are a minority here at UNC-Wilmington. If you want to be inclusive then you should include more men on your inclusion committee. Men are the real minority here at UNC-Women Everywhere.

3. You need to be sensitive to religious diversity. If you do a little quick research on you will find something interesting. There is one professor you placed on the committee who teaches in the area of religion. A student recently accused him of grading students down for “answering too religiously.” The anonymous accusation doesn’t amount to guilt. But ask yourself whether Professor Burgh would be on the committee if he were even once accused of race or gender insensitivity, instead of religious viewpoint discrimination. Then think about why this country was established. It wasn’t founded on principles of racial or gender identity politics. It was founded on principles of religious freedom.