Liberals are obsessed with fairness but rarely practice what they preach. Aslinn Scott of The College Fix provides a perfect example.

UNC Slashes College Republican Budget, Gives More To Anarchists and Feminists

Student government representatives in charge of doling out campus club funding requests at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill have decided to slash the amount sought by the College Republicans to bring in two conservative guests speakers this fall, but meanwhile agreed to allocate more money to groups involving anarchists and feminists.

The College Republicans had requested $8,000 to fund speeches this semester by Katie Pavlich, a New York Times bestselling author and editor of the conservative, who was expected to discuss the Second Amendment, as well as a talk by Ann McElhinny, co-producer of the movie “FrackNation” and known as a debunker of environmentalist claims.

Now College Republicans are scrambling to determine how to continue with their plans to bring in the two guest speakers while also preparing to mount a protest at the upcoming student government meeting Tuesday, when the decision by the finance committee will be voted on by the full 41-member student congress.

Two top University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill College Republican leaders, in interviews with The College Fix, expressed outrage over the decision, describing it as an effort to silence conservative voices on campus while also pushing a left-wing agenda.

“They had a lot of groups to fund and didn’t feel comfortable funding College Republicans,” said 21-year-old junior Peter McClelland, president of the College Republicans at UNC Chapel Hill. “Yet, they funded an anarchist group and liberal women’s group more.”

College Republicans had requested $8,000 and received an allocation of $3,000, but meanwhile the anarchist group “UNControllables” was tapped to receive $4,000 and the feminists group Siren Womyn Empowerment Magazine is slated to receive about $5,100 this semester, McClelland said.

“So combined, between $9,000 to $10,000 for the far left,” he said.

Senior Ben Smith, 21, executive vice chairman of the College Republicans, said he is disappointed but not surprised by the move. He said in 2011, the student congress challenged the effort to bring conservative firebrand Ann Coulter to UNC Chapel Hill.

“They’ve been openly hostile to our arguments and our ideas,” Smith said. “For once I’d like a university that would back the idea of ideological diversity, and not shutting out people they disagree with.