Missouri State University student Lindsey Kolb offers these tips for conservatives starting the new academic year:

1. Head’s up, everyone that surrounds you on campus, including professors and students will more than likely be liberal. It’s the constant struggle that all Conservative college students face. …

2. The classes will be biased–mostly against you. Don’t be afraid to speak up even if your opinion is different than your professors. However, do not be rude. …If a professor ever truly picks on you in a distasteful way about your beliefs being different than his or hers, contact an administrator. ….

3. You will be shocked at how easily students absorb Liberal teachings. Some conservative students even get swept away by these teachers and change their morals and ideals. Don’t fall into this trap. Keep thinking and reasoning for yourself.

4. Join a Conservative organization. Nearly all colleges will have a College Republicans, Young Americans for Liberty, Young Americans Foundation, or some other Conservative group. ….

5. If you’re interested in going into political policy-making or government work in the future, join your Student Government Association at your college. It doesn’t matter if everyone is a Liberal in your SGA, if you’re competent and a hard-worker you can accomplish great things while on campus. Most schools’ SGA’s will be non-partisan.

6. If you want to start a riot, do so respectfully. Chances are, your views will be almost always different than other people. If you’re mad about something and want someone to know about it, don’t use profane language or insult anyone in the name of your Conservative cause. ….

7. Be prepared for your new college friends to start trolling you on Facebook and Twitter when you voice your political opinion. This will especially become apparent when election season is rolling around where everyone who never cared about politics suddenly turns into Rush Limbaugh-esque commentator on social media.

8. Get connected with local Republican politicians and Conservative groups in your community. Sometimes seeking Conservative companions off campus is greatly rewarding. ….

9. Wearing Republican/Conservative t-shirts, stickers, pins, and putting stickers on your laptop in class will almost always spark a conversation with professors and other students.