Caleb Bonham, a graduate of the Colorado State University and Video Reporter and columnist for Campus Reform, seems destined to be an important voice in the next generation of successful conservative pundits.

The host of “The Caleb Bonham Show”, he put together a hard-hitting video bashing the politics of political correctness:

Campus conservatives must be prepared to stand up against the control of political correctness.

It is politically incorrect to tell the feminists on your campus that you don’t belong in her bedroom but she doesn’t belong in you wallet.

It is politically incorrect to tell those campus activists that it is just as wrong to redistribute wealth as it is to redistribute GPAs.

It is politically incorrect to argue against gender or race-based politics.

I’m proud to be intolerant. Intolerant of an agenda that pits entitlement against inalienable rights. Intolerant of an agenda that seeks to restrict the right of free speech.

We must build a society that realizes there are no women’s rights, and there are no minority rights.

We have inalienable rights granted to all, regardless of gender and regardless of race.

Its time we start preaching that on campus.