We recently reported that a college in Maryland is giving professors bullet-proof white boards. Now a company in California is marketing a bullet-proof plate that can be put into a three ring binder or a backpack called LifePlate.

Pat Toddy of CBS Philly reports.

Could Bulletproof Be The New Trend In School Supplies?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s the newest way to give parents peace of mind when they’re sending their children off to school post-Sandy Hook: bulletproof school supplies and some people are even giving them as gifts.

Is bulletproof the new normal in school accessories? The company Mighty Mojo thinks so. At the urging of a family member who was traumatized by a school lockdown, the firm developed a bullet-proof insert for backpacks or even binders. Students and parents loved the idea.

“They were excited about being able to defend themselves in situations they might not be able to otherwise,” says Steve Jurak who helped invent the almost $150 LifePlate Shield, which he says underwent rigorous testing.

Here’s the company’s video ad.