Why not give Snowden the peace prize? President drone strike got one for doing absolutely nothing.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn of Red Alert Politics reports.

Swedish professor wants Edward Snowden to win Nobel Peace Prize

Edward Snowden is still on the hunt for a country — perhaps Russia — to take him in, but when one finally does, he may just have something to place on a shelf in his new home — a Nobel Peace Prize.

Thanks to Swedish sociology professor Stefan Svallfors, the self-proclaimed National Security Agency whistleblower has been added to the ranks of those nominated for the coveted Nobel Peace Prize. Svallfors wrote in an open letter of Snowden’s heroism and personal risk, beseeching the Norwegian committee members to consider Snowden for the honor.

“Through his personal efforts, he has also shown that individuals can stand up for fundamental rights and freedoms,” Svallfors wrote.

If Snowden actually won the Nobel Peace Prize, he would join a list of winners that includes the European Union — which won last year due to its contributions to “the advancement of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe” — and President Barack Obama.

In fact, Svallfors believes that by bestowing Snowden with the honor, the Nobel Peace Prize will gain back the much-needed credibility the organization lost by giving Obama the prize in 2009.

“The decision to award the 2013 prize to Edward Snowden would — in addition to being well justified in itself — also help to save the Nobel Peace Prize from the disrepute that incurred by the hasty and ill-conceived decision to award U.S. President Barack Obama 2009 award,” Svallfors concluded in his letter, which was also published in the Swedish newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren. “It would show its willingness to stand up in defense of civil liberties and human rights, even when such a defense be viewed with disfavor by the world’s dominant military power.”