As law school graduates outnumber professional jobs by a two-to-one ratio, more and more Americans are opting for different careers.

Subsequently, one new law school has failed to meet its target enrollment and the student-to-faculty ration will now be…..two-to-one.

Via Glenn Reynolds:

University officials at Indiana Tech are not worried about lower enrollment numbers at the new law school when it opens next month for the fall semester.

When the university announced it would add a law school, which cost around $15 million, the plan was to have 100 students enrolled in the inaugural class.

As of Friday night, 24 students had enrolled.

“The hundred number, I think, was more aspirational,” Jessica Lynn Anderson, an assistant dean of admissions at Indiana Tech, said. …”I really do think 30 is a more reasonable number and I think we are going to hit 30,” she said. According to Anderson, the law school will employee about 25 people. Eleven of those employees are professors, which makes for a near 3-to-1 professor to student ratio this fall. “I think that’s more beneficial to the students,” David Felts, an incoming law student at the university, said. “I’m sure as the time goes by, more students will come.”