Nathan Harden of The College Fix reports on a senseless and horrific act of murder.

U.S. College Student Killed During Egyptian Protests

Andrew Pochter, a U.S. citizen stabbed to death late last week while he was observing protests against the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, Egypt, had traveled to the country “in pursuit of peace and understanding,” his family said.

Pochter was standing by, innocently filming the political demonstrations when one protester, apparently, stabbed him in the chest.

So much for “peace and understanding.”

It’s a sad day for this young man’s family, who no doubt is now living out their worst fears about having a son who went to study abroad in the middle east–where any white westerner is a walking target of radical Islamic violence. It was only two years ago that CBS news correspondent Lara Logan was attacked under similar circumstances, while reporting on protests in Tahrir Square, and publicly raped by a horde of Egyptian men–out in the open, in broad daylight. Her life was ultimately saved by the bold actions of two Egyptian women who stepped in to rescue her.

Lara Logan was fortunate to escape with her life. Andrew Pochter wasn’t so lucky.

Pochter was spending his time in Egypt as a volunteer, teaching English to grade school children. He hoped to improve his Arabic skills before ultimately returning to Kenyon College, where he was a student. His dream was to use his life to promote the peace process in the region. “He cared profoundly about the Middle East,” his family said.