Wasn’t this sort of problem supposed to be solved by Obama’s presidency?

Erin Smith of the Boston Herald reports.

Activist upset RCC’s new chairman is white, but on campus it’s a non-issue

A community activist is challenging Gov. Deval Patrick’s pick for board chairman at the troubled Roxbury Community College because the new leader is white, but the administration is standing by the appointment.

Sadiki Kambon, who said he represents a group called Friends of Roxbury Community College, sent Patrick a letter Monday demanding that Gerald Chertavian, who was named board chairman last week, be replaced by “another qualified candidate (Black).”

“It’s important for our young people to see someone who looks like us who is the position of leadership in our academic community. We feel that someone from our community has the skill set necessary to run that institution,” Kambon told the Herald.

Kambon declined to identify other members of his group, which sent the letter to Patrick earlier this week. The letter labels the governor’s selection of Chertavian, who is white, “insulting” because the college is a “predominantly Black institution.”

About 48 percent of students enrolled in credited courses as of fall 2012 identified as black, according to the college. Students identifying as Latino and white made up about 16 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

State Education Secretary Matthew Malone said in a statement yesterday: “Gerald Chertavian has proven to be a champion of quality education for all students and is beyond qualified for this new post. Together, he and President (Valerie) Roberson bring dynamic new leadership to this great community college.”

Kambon said he is “very pleased” with the choice of Roberson, the college’s new president, who is black. Kambon said he would welcome Chertavian on the board — just not in the chairman’s seat.