If I was the parent of a young woman entering college, I’d think twice about allowing my daughter to live in a co-ed dorm.

The College Fix reports.

Co-Ed Dorm Shocker: Freshmen Females Filmed Naked In Shower

Several Middle Tennessee State University female students were filmed without their knowledge while showering in a campus dorm bathroom, a Tennessee news station reports.

Police have charged a 22-year-old senior at the university with 10 counts of unlawful photography and invasion of privacy for ”using his cellphone to record at least three freshman female students in the showers at Rutledge Hall – a coed dorm,” reports WTFV in Nashville.

The suspect was a front desk assistant at Rutledge Hall, the news station added.

Bathrooms in this campus housing complex “are located on each floor and shared by the residents of the floor,” a description of the facility on the university’s website states. WTVF notes that women occupy the first two floors and men are on the third.

According to the news station:

One of the girls told campus police she went to take a shower around 11 one night when she heard someone in the next stall turn on the water.  She looked up and saw a cell phone that was lit up on the dividing stalls. She waved her arms to try to tell if it was recording, according to an MTSU incident report.  The student decided to move a few stalls down and then noticed someone grabbing the phone and the person started walking out. It was man.  She yelled asking him what was he doing in the girl’s bathroom?

The victims are considering filing a lawsuit against the large, public university, located about 35 miles southeast of Nashville in Murfreesboro. University officials told the news station they are taking precautions to prevent it from reoccurring