College Insurrection regularly features links to the courses offered by Prager University.

The online institute offers comprehensive information on a litany of social and political subjects from a more right-of-center approach — and it’s all delivered in a condensed, five-minute video experience. The educational source describes itself as “an entirely new concept in education.”

As the Executive Producer of Canto Talk, one of the most popular shows, I have invited two members of Prager University to join us and discuss what goes on “behind the scenes” at the virtual campus. Our guests are:

Dean of Students: Jared Sichel – Before becoming PragerU’s Dean of Students, Jared interned for the Dennis Prager Radio Show and worked as a politics reporter in Harrisburg, PA for the Pennsylvania Independent. Jared uses his writing and social media skills to spread PragerU’s web presence, publicize our courses on major news sites, and communicates with fans.

Project Manager: Noah Yaffe: Noah graduated with Honors from the University of California – Davis with a degree in Economics. He then migrated to Los Angeles to dive into the inner workings of Prager University. After interning for a few months, he was promoted to our Project Manager.

During the show, we will be talking about the reasons radio talk show host and noted conservative pundit Dennis Prager started the program. Jared and Noah will talk about how show topics are selected, and what they have learned in the process of setting-up the virtual school. Finally, we will take a look at the Future of Prager University and what the team ultimately hopes to achieve.

Please click HERE to listen to the show (Thursday, Jun 6th at 7 pm Pacific/9 pm Central/10 pm Eastern Standard Time).