This is a fun list to peruse but as you read it, it’s hard to forget the crisis that’s facing American college students. When millions of college grads can’t find jobs, are courses on vampires really necessary?

List compiled by Macaela Bennett.

The top 12 most bizarre college courses offered in America

1. Lesbian Lives – DePaul University

“Using the political cartoons of Alison Bechdel and theoretical and historical readings, this course has students “examine the constructions of identities and politics within lesbian culture.” 

2. The Politics and Aesthetics Of Black Queer Formations – Princeton University

Using such documents as Aristotle’s Poetics, this course analyzes “diasporic black queer cultures as political and philosophical engagements.”

3. Ecofeminism – University of South Carolina

This course is an “exploration of the connections between oppression of women and oppression of nature.”

4. Prostitution and Social Control: Governing Loose Women – Oberlin College

This course analyzes “why recent legal solutions cannot fulfill expectations and discuss how the social control of prostitution might actually cause it” by “reviewing the wide range of empirical meanings attributed to prostitution and the ways modern forces have transformed them.”

5. Mad Dogs, Vampires and Zombie Ants: Behavior Mediating Infections – Vassar College

This course combines “aspects of multiple fields including infections disease microbiology, neurobiology, epidemiology and animal behavior” in order to “explore the process of host behavior mediation by infectious agents.”

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